Mimi San Juan



For the price of one hire, I will create a customized social media strategy for your business that my team and I will execute smoothly while you focus on matters that will further help you scale your business.

Hey there! I’m Mimi. I am a digital Sith Lord or in Galactic Basic, a social media manager. 🤣

I can be handy in crafting the right strategy to help your business take off! ✈️

Whether you’re just looking for a little inspiration with a few posts prompts, an extra set of eyes on your social media pages, or someone to create a killer content strategy – you’ve come to the right place, buddy!

I help mostly small businesses to improve their social media presence by making myself a magic cup of joe or by pulling out a cork or two to create fascinating content and grow an engaged community together with my Sith apprentices. 

Here are my main jams:


I have this strong belief that social media isn’t just about the numbers and not because I hate math or anything. (lol) But I strongly believe that your brand is made by your customers. So if you are ready to stop playing the numbers game and start creating an engaged community, I think we should talk.

Are we a good fit?

Let’s find out! View my credentials 👉🏼

What brought me to become an SMM?

Sith Apprentices 🖤

Writing brought me into the virtual freelancing world. I began as an article re-writer in 2011, while in college and landed several writing gigs since then.

I then took on virtual assistance positions for several local companies where I learned to manage and create content for social media. 

Being a licensed and certified English as a Second Language instructor by profession, I only did this as a side hustle until in mid-2018 when I began to realize that I need to work on a passion project. 

Is it really writing that I wanted to pursue? 

I wasn’t sure. But I did take on a better paying home-based online teaching job as I build up my other skills. 

I studied various online courses on social media management and marketing, attended countless virtual workshops, and I worked for a variety of clientele as a social media manager and virtual assistant.  

It took me a long time but in early May 2020, I finally created and put up Sunday Girl Digital and fully let go of my teaching job. I got the name from one of my favorite Erasure songs if you’re ever wondering. 

It may not be that long ago, but I created this business with one goal in mind — freedom. 

Freedom from a daily time commitment, freedom to travel, and (financial) freedom to aid and mentor those who seek experience in the field.

I want my work to have purpose, which is why I have very recently formed a small team of dynamic creatives for Sunday Girl Digital. 

You work with me, you work with a team, without worrying about the per person rate. 

Of course, I don’t have all the answers. I still make mistakes, I’m not perfect (nobody is!) and sometimes, I roll the dice and cross my fingers, hoping for the best.

Like you and everyone else, I’m human, but that’s what makes this experience so unbelievably exciting and fun!

I can’t promise you the world, like some cheesy Nicholas Sparks character.

But my commitment to you and your brand is undoubtedly unparalleled.

My new goal is to see your business grow and get the attention it so deserves by creating strong & impactful social media strategy, content, and meaningful engagement. 

If that’s something you’re interested in, we should talk. 


I believe in being transparent, so I won't waste your time emailing back and forth just to discuss my rate.

I start at $15/hour and I also offer packaged social media management services to better suit your needs.

Social Media Management

Espresso - $350/month

- Good for 1 Social Media Platform
- Customized Social Media Strategy
- 30 Curated and branded content
- 12 Stories
- 20 hours of engagement

Americano - $1000/month

- Good for 4 Social Media Platforms
- Customized Social Media Strategy
- 40 Curated and branded content
- 12 Stories
- 40 hours of engagement

Macchiato - $290/month

- Pinterest Management
- Profile Optimization
- Customized board covers
- 20 Curated pins
- Community engagement