Shard of Glass

I have always been fond of looking at glass shards. I just find them fascinating. I have a friend who finds this habit of mine a little peculiar. One day, he asked me why I find glass shards attractive, and I explained to him my reason.

A shard of glass is used to be part of a whole. It could be a beautifully-shaped bottle that used to hold expensive wine or a classic letter inside. It could be a beer bottle that has been long downed at a booze party a long time ago, a cheap bottle of gin, or a fancy glass pitcher. I related these obvious facts to my faith.

Whatever kind or shape of glass we are, God appoints a time where we all get broken, and like a broken glass, our pieces have sharp edges. We inflict mild and malevolent cuts on anyone who dares to touch us. We hurt one person, and we end up hurting another one, and so our broken pieces are usually left out. Somehow, those pieces are thrown into the sea.

They get tossed all the time, as long as the waves crash onto the shore. Sometimes, the glass, which represents us, sinks into a bottomless pit where everything is deathly silent and pitch dark. During times like that, we feel like we will never see the light again.

God isolates us, keeps us in the dark or puts us in the middle of a stormy sea so we can be at the end of our ropes and realize an important fact: WE NEED HIM. When He thinks we are ready, He allows us to be washed ashore.

Be still. Wait on God. One day, we will find ourselves sitting on soft sand and basking in His glorious sunshine. Gone will be our sharp edges; all our failures, frustrations, anger, and self-pity will be smoothed out by the waves of the sea.

Our characters will be shaped by the waves which seemed life-threatening at the start. So it is best that we stop fighting the current and let the sea take us ashore — to the new beginning.

As I picked and looked at another piece of glass, I ran my hands over its smoothness. Someday, I will be like it, but right now, I will allow the sea to take me for a wild ride.

The glass catches a light and winks at me.

God makes all things beautiful. In His perfect time. – Ecclesiastes 3:11

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