Random Poems :D

I wrote the one stanza poem on the picture above. The raw photo is from Nikki’s Deviantart account. 🙂 I wrote two poems this evening, both are short and untitled. Below this paragraph is the other poem I wrote. I hope you like it 🙂

Whoever said that Neverland does not exist haven’t met a man as true as he is
He is not Peter, I am not Wendy, and there is no Captain Hooke, no little fairy
There is only him and I in this fairy-tale like reality

I don’t need pixie dust to fly; just being next to him makes me feel so high
I am not afraid to fall, for in his arms I know I will be safely caught
There is nothing compared to the love that he had brought
He is my happy thought…

—- Well it is obviously inspired by Disney’s Peter Pan haha I really love that particular Disney film so I pulled inspiration from it. Oh I’m living in Neverland alright… LOL 😀 Follow me on Twitter! 😀 » Twitter.com/miavenus

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