Prudence – or self-control; careful about one’s conduct; circumspect.

Basically it means to avoid offending one’s fellowmen and not to boast of one’s exploits or intellectual prowess.

It is actually okay to talk about prudence and all those related things. But comparing yourself to another person is another thing, and to some people, it must not be done. Especially if you are comparing yourself to someone ten times more hardworking than you are. Ika nga nila in Filipino, “Okay lang mag yabang kung may ipagyayabang naman.” Why talk about other person’s prudence if you yourself do not have it? Or perhaps, sometimes you lose it? There really is no point in ranting about other people’s business and pulling them down through it. Does “CRAB MENTALITY” ring a bell?

Anyway, what I am only trying to say is that, we all do not have the right to judge other people and blatantly give a lecture in prudence if we, ourselves, lack it. It only proves how shallow, immature, judgmental and disrespectful you truly are.

Do a self-assessment first before jumping into conclusions. Life is full of motherfuckers, DO NOT add up to their growing population.

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