There is Life Outside the Box

For years, people within an institution have been doing the same routine. People whose term has ended were replaced by those who have worked for years; some people retain a position while others gain a new one. It has been the case for so long that it has become a tradition.

Traditions are meant to be good, that is why it has been called so and has been followed by succeeding generations and apparently, it has been giving great hope to those who follow it.

Hope in the sense that it gives people a chance to gain a position in an institution, may it be a major one or simply within an organization. But traditions are sometimes butchered by great innovations. Notice that the term butchered was used to describe how innovation enters the scenario. Why butchered? Why not?

Was not that what people always say whenever someone proposes something new? Is it not that when people finally implement an innovation, it starts a commotion? Majority will surely agree that traditions will be butchered if innovations are done. But it does not always have to be the case. For people must first learn how to weigh decisions to be able for them to come up with a wise and right one. People, especially those who are in the position, do not just jump into conclusions; they always have to undergo a long, mind-bothering and unanticipated process before they come up with something sensible and prudent. This is how innovations are being considered.

People would react negatively when someone implements something new, especially if it would bypass their rights or would diminish their power, if they have one. Those who have the capacity would protest and pull down whoever is the implementer of an innovation just because they could not adapt to certain changes. Talk about Crab Mentality; is it not such a hideous act?

Some would even talk about prudence, even though it is clear enough for everyone to see that the person is not even a bit prudent himself. Some prudent people, as what they call themselves to be, are sometimes very good in saying wise words and backstabbing hardworking people and telling lies about them such as they are not working hard enough or they are not doing their job. But often times these prudent people are the ones who do not do anything at all.

It is in fact a saddening truth that where critical thinkers and intelligent people are so dominant, there are still a great number of people who ensnare themselves inside the box of ignorance.

Remember this, no matter how intelligent a person is, if it cannot adapt to even minor changes, it would remain feeble- minded. There is nothing wrong about being traditional, but people would have to think and live outside the box for their own good. There will always be a room for improvement; we just have to push some things aside to make way for it.

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