Alexander and Alestria by Shan Sa

My step-dad bought me this book last Saturday (April 9) before I went to watch Mac’s basketball game.

I was reading 20 Times a Lady by Karyn Bosnak then, so I finished reading that book first. I started reading this new book this morning as I eat breakfast and as I went to work. I was also reading it a while back, until I decided to Google Alexander the Great. I kind of need to brush up on my historical knowledge a bit, I sort of forgotten a lot about him from my history class. Shame on me, Miss-I-Badly-Want-To-Change-My-Major-To-HISTORY! :))

Well the story pretty much tells about Alexander and his life under his father King Phillip II and how he became the great warrior that he is. In the novel, he kept on dreaming about a woman wearing a red tunic, which he thinks is the woman that would bear his heir. The novel is pretty disturbing, with men making love and sucking–you know what–got to keep things a little censored here, my younger sisters might be reading this. :))

I couldn’t put this book down, despite the disturbing parts, but I kind of get the hang of it now. haha.

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