A Thousand Tomorrows by Karen Kingsbury

A Thousand Tomorrows by Karen Kingsbury is definitely my favorite novel of all time. I know there are far better novels written, but this certain book have captured my heart ever since the first time I have laid my eyes on it in the bookstore. When I saw it during my freshmen years in high school, I immediately saved up for it and bought it the following week. The best thing was it did not let me down.

I swear, every part of the book is still with me up to this day, even if I have lost the book itself from my numerous apartment transfers in the past few years. The story tells the wonderful love story of a Bull Rider by the name of Cody Gunner and Ali Daniels, a Barrel Racer. The story revolves around the complicated childhood background of Cody, and Ali’s battle with Cystic Fibrosis. Having been angry at the world, Cody Gunner have met Ali Daniels, who, in the most critical stage of her illness, still managed to keep a smile on her face and motivate herself to go on and pursue her career as a Barrel Racer.¬†As expected, they fell in love, but Ali eventually dies in the end.

I am probably a fan of tragedies as I have often fell in love with stories with such themes. (Consider Shakespeare and Nicholas Sparks, for example.) And this novel is a good addition to a Romance and Tragedy reading lists, if you ask me. A sequel has been already published and it’s entitled “Just Beyond the Clouds” I will definitely make a review of that once I finish reading it, but with my pile of work, I cannot promise to do it soon.

It is really hard to tell a story this good without going in to so much details but I do not want to spoil every detail of the novel. To keep things short though, all I have left to say is that this book is great! It is a must read for every book lover out there.

I will not be using stars, instead I will use cookies to rate the books I’ve read. The mechanic is the same as the stars though, I just find using cookies more unique and this novel deserves five cookies.

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