The Godfather by Mario Puzo

Definitely one of the greatest and well known franchise. I honestly don’t know where to start in this review of The Godfather. I just feel that the novel is too awesome and legendary to be critiqued.

The movie was excellent, if that word tops ‘great’. But the book is even better! The book gave so much importance to each of the important characters in every chapter, thus making the situation or event even more easier to understand. Add to that the various point of views of the characters whenever the Don sends for them to do him service. Most of the time, the characters were frightened of doing a service that would put their lives at stake, but later on remembering the great service that the Don had done for them, thus ending up doing whatever it takes to repay him.

Every turn of the page is filled with information you definitely don’t want to miss at all, or you end up confused. It’s not a boring book, seriously, and just like the movie, you would have to keep your eyes open for surprises. Apart from that, the novel would make you go ga-ga over itself, and keep your emotions at bay on certain circumstances, like for instance, Sonny’s death, although it came quite fast and ignored by the Corleone’s, still lingers even at the end of the novel. The death of the Don, is another thing that would make you really remorseful and, at the same time, scornful about.

Mario Puzo is truly an entertaining author who have written, probably the greatest, masterpiece of the 20th and 21st Century. Forgive me for saying, but this is truly better than Pulp Fiction, and thus it deserves all the honors it has garnered. I would shoot myself to death if I don’t give this book Five Cookies.


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