DID YOU KNOW that most of the successful businessmen in the world do not technically have a high IQ? Instead, they possess a high level of EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT in which they use to, not only keep their business together, but also their employees happy, encouraged and successful as they are.
Think about it, a good and honest tap on someone’s shoulder could make them a better person, and what better way to enjoy their triumph is to be happy for them and not jealous of what they have achieved.
With that, let me share to you what I learned this morning.
I have learned that people compliment you for two things, and it’s just either they’re secured enough to encourage you, or they’re simply jealous of what you have and who you are. Another thing is, being frank would not make you a better person, unless you do it the right way, and the right way is to be objective enough to not hurt a person’s feelings.
You can never say that you’re objective if your heart and mind are filled with nothing but jealousy towards the person. You will just be simply judging, if not ironically complimenting his or her flaws.
So now, I think a hundred times whenever a person encourages or compliments me. And I think you should do the same.
Ask yourself:
Do they do it simply because they’re truthfully happy for me, and wanted me to improve what I already have and/or who I already am?
Or is it the other way around? Which is to just gain something from me in return, and/or take advantage of what I can do, only to pass it on as something they did themselves to make them feel secured.
Let us turn the table around. Ask yourself: Why do I really compliment other people? 
Food for thought. 

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