Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen

Thanks to Manel Loureiro, I decided to go on a Zombie novel reading marathon. I am having my internship and the vacant time could get really boring, so I decided to give Jesse Petersen a shot with the first part of the Living with the Dead series, Married with Zombies.

Married with Zombies tells us the tale of a married couple Sarah and David who, at the time of the spark of the apocalypse, were at the brink of divorce and are going to couple’s counseling. During one of their sessions they noticed that the road was unusually practically empty, considering that they live in Seattle wherein traffic was just part of their lives. Apart from that, they found their therapist ripping the client before them into shreds.

With the world starting to fall apart and humanity into shambles and hordes of the undead, Sarah and David realized and learned far greater things about themselves and their relationship, which eventually saved their marriage and made them stronger.

This is really a good book to read if you are a fan of zombie novels or if you’re just looking for an easy, adventure packed, book. Although it lacks more story towards the end, still it was action packed and a really enjoyable book to read. It will definitely leave you asking for more of it, so I’m giving this book four cookies for the awesome, action-packed adventure.


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