Flip This Zombie by Jesse Petersen

As I have mentioned with my previous review of the first book in the Living with the Dead series, the story left me asking for more and true enough, the second book in the series filled the lacking space that the first book left. So I acquired an ebook of the second book and started reading away as if I’ve nothing to do at all.

In the second book, we follow Dave and Sarah forming some sort of a trade business during the apocalypse by means of zombie extermination. They were tasked to kill zombies for other survivors in exchange for supplies, and with their team work and what seemed to be a stronger marriage, they slashed and fired away every zombie in their way.

Until they came across a scientist who claims to have been studying the “epidemic” and who is in the process of finding the cure in an underground lab of an old military warehouse. The scientist hired them and sent them to missions where they encountered stronger zombies which apparently revived some of the logic left in them, that made Sarah and Dave call them “bionics”. During their first mission, they have also come across with a pre-teen boy, whom they address to as “The Kid” throughout the story.

Towards the latter part of the novel, the couple discovered far difficult challenges more than the apocalypse itself, and it’s the mad-scientist, the cure and Dave getting bitten.

The second book is definitely better than the first book. Far more exciting and action packed and more witty, if I must say. Not as disappointingly short either. I honestly liked it better than the first one. The language situation was practically the same though, but it gave the book a more personal diary feel to it, as if Sarah was really writing it herself rather than just plainly narrating it.

I really can’t wait to read Eat. Slay. Love. 🙂 This deserves four cookies.


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