Eat.Slay.Love by Jesse Petersen

Yes, I pledge guilty for being addicted in reading the books in this series and you can put all the blame to Jesse Petersen. I just had to buy the third book (in ebook form) in the Living with the Dead series after finishing the second one. Although the second book was lengthy enough, still I can’t get enough of Sarah and David; I just sort of fell in love with them and their story.

I honestly liked this book better than the previous ones in the series. I guess it’s because of the less predictable scenarios and more action filled pages. Zombies doesn’t seem to be the main problem of Sarah and David now in this part of the series, and I liked that the author was able to look into the fact that fellow humans are also a huge threat to other survivors but she was able to balance out the situation with Kathleen’s character and her crew.

Found bits of errors in the text though, like misused words and wrong use of linking verbs, but it may just be because I was reading the ebook format. Anyway, the ending was a bit lacking as usual, but at some point I really thought that it was the last book in the series. I just sort of fell in love with Sarah and David, that at some point I got disappointed thinking it was the last book, but alas! It is not.

It was a short read, but it’s something zombie novel lovers would definitely enjoy. 🙂 Four cookies and a high five! haha 😀


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