The Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen

Although the story is quite predictable and the cover is a little off, still this final book in the Living with the Dead series is a better ending than I have expected.

In this last book, we follow Dave and Sarah who are living a quiet life in a farmhouse somewhere in Montana after their heart pounding adventure in the previous book. This time though, Dave was reluctant to leave the farm but Sarah thinks otherwise, until a chopper landed on their yard revealing Nicole and The Kid asking them to go back to some lab in Seattle with them, wherein they have continued the research about the cure and the process of exterminating hordes of the undead using the cure.

Eventually, Dave got Sarah to agree to go back to Seattle where the apocalypse started, and there, a new adventure began. They met new people, fought more zombies to clear out some parts of the university, fixing the fence, unfolding secrets in which Sarah had her fair share of betrayal.

Towards the middle of the novel, Sarah confessed that she’s pregnant and she have been keeping it from Dave and everyone all along, that is why she didn’t want to leave for Seattle in the first place. But there seemed to be something wrong with their baby, it seemed that it has acquired Dave’s ‘bionic’ traits and it grows faster everyday. With this, Sarah and Dave have attracted some unexpected guests from the previous book and are now after their little Zombie.

I honestly find it quite unoriginal, with the fast paced pregnancy and the physical toll it brought to Sarah, add to that Dave’s cold reaction and feelings towards their baby. It really reminded me of Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn, but then again, it’s entertaining, especially that readers get to read about Dave’s thoughts about the events and an additional narrator was added when Sarah was knocked out and kidnapped towards the end of the story. At the end, as expected, they managed to survive another breathtaking and life-risking event which saved the world from further destruction and slowly restored it to become a safer and livable place.

It was still action packed and still gives me the urge to keep on reading until the very last page. And although it has become quite Breaking Dawn-ish and had some errors in the text, I still loved it. Four cookies!


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