Omerta by Mario Puzo

What is there left for me to say for such a capturing, entertaining, and page-turning, magnificent piece of literature? I don’t mean to sound overrated here, but this book is just as magnificent as The Godfather itself.

Here’s the summary from

To Don Raymonde Aprile’s children he was a loyal family member, their father’s adopted “nephew.” To the FBI he was a man who would rather ride his horses than do Mob business. No one knew why Aprile, the last great American Don, had adopted Astorre Viola many years before in Sicily; no one suspected how he had carefully trained him … and how, while the Don’s children claimed respectable careers in America, Astorre Viola waited for his time to come.

Now his time has arrived. The Don is dead, his murder one bloody act in a drama of ambition and deceit — from the deadly compromises made by an FBI agent to the greed of two crooked NYPD detectives and the frightening plans of a South American Mob kingpin. In a collision of enemies and lovers, betrayers and loyal soldiers, Astorre Viola will claim his destiny. Because after all these years, this moment is in his blood …

Mario Puzo truly is a great author of mafia stories; with his knowledge of mafia stories, federal strategies and his creativity, he was able to make his readers crave for more of each of his works. I honestly find Omerta very compelling, and although I felt that there should still be more to it, I find its ending satisfying.

Each page is like a movie scene, reeling before your very eyes. This book made me want to make a movie out of it. Five cookies!


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