This is a homework I made when I was a junior in high school… It’s sort of a letter to someone that I were to marry in the future. Looking back to it now, I realized that the things I wanted to do the most with the person I were to marry remained the same even after nearly a decade and this time, I know  that he’s still out there and God is making all the necessary preparations for us to meet and be the right person for each other… Enjoy reading!

Someday I will wake up next to you on a Saturday morning, and snuggle in bed till we get hungry. You’ll cook breakfast and brew me coffee and I will be wearing that big white shirt of yours and your boxers as we guzzle cup after cup while we watch random movies all day. We would laugh at comedies, cry at dramas and scream at the top of our lungs at thriller films.

In the afternoon we will stroll in the park as we sip our favorite Frappes and talk about random things in our life as we sit on our favorite bench. We would talk about our past and our future, most importantly. After that we would either shop for the night’s dinner or go to a friend’s place to hang out. Then we’d go home laughing at the silly things we said and did the whole day, then we’d kiss as you turn the key that locks our apartment door and whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

We’d get in the tub as soon as we get in our apartment and I will light a jasmine scented candle while you turn off the lights and get us a bottle of champagne. We will talk and laugh until we decided to finally have dinner and you will hug me from behind as I cook. You will set up the table as you get my award-winning Blueberry cheesecake from the fridge that I made especially for tonight.

After dinner, we would clear things up in the kitchen together since we gave up arguing about “who would wash the dishes tonight” ages ago. Then we would get into our jammys and cuddle in the couch as we watch a wrestling match on TV, a basketball game or random shows on Lifestyle Network. I would surely get a little droopy, so you would turn the Telly off and carry me to bed. I would lay in your bare chest as you wrap a strong arm around me and I would feel perfectly safe; it would be the best feeling in the world. Then we would either continue to doze off or make intense love with the moonlight as our only witness…

In the morning when we wake up, we would smile at each other and thank God for giving us another day to spend together. We would get up from bed, earlier than we usually do to go to church and we would have fun teaching and making children happy at Sunday school. We would make them cookies and chocolate drink for snacks and hug and kiss each one of them when Sunday school is done.

One day I will hand you a small box and it would contain the great news, that we will finally have our first child and I will see that great gleam in your eyes in surprise.

You would take care of me every step of the way and make me feel good about myself despite of the changes that will happen to me. We would record her every firsts, her first heart beat, her first ultrasound photo, her first day, her first smile, first word, first step, first nail clippings, first hair cut and first birthday. And watch and look at them every end of the year. We would surely shed tears of joy as we watch her dance around the living room, one Christmas Eve.

We would raise her to be a good child, not only of us, but also of God. We would learn from our parent’s mistake and try our best to be better parents ourselves. We would love her, give her time and attention and teach her great things. She would attend bible school too, and would be studying piano, voice and ballet. She will be the fulfillment of my dreams and hopes, and you would love her like I always wanted to be loved by my father as a little girl.

I am not expecting a perfect life; all I wanted to have is to live a happy life with you, blessed by God. 🙂 I will love you every waking moment of my life… as long as I shall live. 🙂

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