I have been in love before, God knows how many times I have fallen in and out of love but I have never felt this way with anyone else, ever. I know that each person is a different story, a different journey but they all have something in common and that it always feels like it’s not meant to last. And even if at first it felt like it is, eventually you’ll realize that it isn’t what you think it is after all, it won’t even take you long to know that what you have is not for keeps.

You’ll soon find yourself bored, easily frustrated and eventually, every little thing the other would do or say becomes annoying.

It’s a never ending cycle, it could go on and on for as long as it could, but when the wheel finally stops, everything will just start to fall in place, as if the universe has conspired with your hopes and dreams, making each of them come true down to every last details. And although it’s neither perfect nor magical as the previous relationships you had, you may even sometimes feel like an old married couple, but still the strong connection, that amazing feeling you get at the mere sight of your other half would make you think and believe that it’s okay to be contented and you will be.

For once in your life you would stop looking for something more, your heart, no matter how many times it has been stolen and broken before, would feel brand new. That’s love. True love. You might even be surprised to find out that you have just fallen in love for the first time.

I know I did.

I have fallen, been caught, hurt, stumbled and rose again too many times before. I have complained how my heart has been broken numerous times before, how I can no longer trust anyone, how I would never let anyone in my life wholly again, only to find out that my heart would feel as if it’s new, as if it’s falling again for the first time. It’s whole and it felt like it, and that’s how true love is. It heals all wounds, gradually, and you may get into a bumpy ride every now and then but you’ll still feel the same.

At the end of every worse nights and fights you would still feel the same, even stronger perhaps.

It’s funny how most of us still search this world for that one person that would make our being complete when sometimes all we have to do after all was to get on with our daily life. For all you know, you have already met that person you just can’t see him yet because you’re still blinded by another but everything happens for a reason, I strongly believe in that. You have to go through a series of ups and downs first to become the person your other half deserves.

Be patient.

No matter how many wrong choices you make in this life, if you’re bound to be with that one person you will be.

Crazy and vague as it seems yet that’s how exactly the universe works.

That’s fate.

That’s kismet.

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