Taking Chances

If there is one thing in this world I could not do, it’s not to accept a person for who he is. No one’s perfect, everyone has their down sides, they have their own flaws and if we’re all going to be judgmental, won’t that make us such hypocrites?

We all have our series of ups and downs and wrong choices, but that does not make us terrible people. We are simply human and incapable of controlling our own fate, thus making us flawed. And what good a person is without flaws? Without making the wrong choice? A person who has never toed the line at one point or another has never lived a day of his life at all.

So never ask why people like me take chances so easily, so fast, and blissfully. Never judge a person for wanting to be happy, for wanting to find contentment and for wanting to be loved in such an inimitable way. 
Shall people like us lose our path along the way, don’t ever tell us that you told us so, because our scars, our wounds would all heal in time and unlike you, who has spent a life trying carefully not to make mistakes, we would become better people. 
We’re taking chances, what are you doing with your life?

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