Short Story #1

It took me nearly three years to start and finish writing a short story and now that I have written it, I couldn’t figure out the right title for it. Which is a bit frustrating, but hey! Achievement unlocked. Here it is, written a couple of weeks back during one of my sleepless nights brought by the pressure of the board exam.

Nota Bene: Haven’t proof read this yet, forgive the laziness. LOL


The both of them sat on the bed silently that only the sound of the rain outside could be heard; he lit a cigarette as she sat next to him, terrified and trembling. He brushed his hair away from his eyes and looked at her calmly; he too was troubled but not as much as she was, perhaps the cigarette helped him calm down but who knows for sure, maybe he’s quite used to be in such situation considering his history with women like her.

“What are we supposed to tell them?” She finally spoke breaking the almost deafeaning silence between them.

He took a deep breath and moved further back in the bed to lean on the headboard. “Nothing. I don’t think we need to tell anybody about this, I mean, we could take care of it ourselves.” He answered.

“I am not so sure about your plan. It’s too risky. I might get into a lot more trouble.” She murmured as he stared blankly at the wall trying to think of another way out.

“Well it’s either that or carry the burden forever.” He blurted out that made her glance at him sharply. She knew it was a mistake, she knew that this would happen, she knows exactly what the outcome would be, yet she still agreed to do it and now here she is, in the same room where they had done it thinking of a way out of the mess they have made.

“But don’t you think it’s better if we give it a chance? I mean, who are we to play God anyway?”

“Listen,” he said as he moved closer to her. “I told you from the very start that I don’t want this kind of responsibility—“

“I am not giving you a responsibility!” She said louder than she had intended to. “I just wanted to let you know… and I just need your help for now. I need a little support. When this is all over you don’t have to worry a thing. I can handle it.”

He reached for her hand and pulled her close for a hug. “But that would ruin your career, perhaps even your entire life if you won’t get rid of it now.” He whispered to her but she shook her head as she pulled away from him.

“Don’t talk about it as if it’s not there. It’s breathing, it can hear you.”

“Let it hear me! Then maybe it would just get rid of itself!” She stood up and walked away from the bed, away from him.

She stood by the window, watching the rain and the empty street.

“We’ve talked about this before.” She said tearfully. He sighed and lit another cigar before he stood up and hugged her from behind.

“It would be alright, you just have to trust me in this one. Okay? Everything is going to be just fine, we’ll just tell your folks that you’re going on a road trip with the gang for a couple of days and they would never know what happened.” He said reassuringly. She turned to face him and she looked him deep in the eyes.

“Will you promise not to leave until it’s all over?” She asked him and he smiled warmly at her.

“Even until it’s over, I’ll stay.” And with that, they hugged but their brief moment of joy was interrupted by a soft movement from under the bed.

They both walked toward it and pulled out a huge black bag. He opened it revealing the head of a middle aged man, struggling to speak through the duct tape that covered his mouth.

“I’m sorry boss, but you deserve this.” She said coldly and dangerously as she pulled out a knife from beneath the blanket. The knife caught the light and without another word, she drove the knife straight into the man’s chest.

He came in to back her up by smashing a lamp on his head and just as she thought that the deed was done, he stood up and pulled something out of the bedside drawer. It was a gun with a silencer and before she knew it the man’s struggling stopped as blood spluttered on the floor.

“Now, it’s gone. Let’s clean up, grab the money and jewels in the safe and leave before it gets dark.” He said and few moments later they were burning the dead man inside the large fireplace in the living room as they cleaned up the blood spluttered bedroom.

The rain has stopped and they left the house with the fireplace still roaring wildly as the cadaver succumbs into the flames.

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