I hear your sweet voice calling
Drawing me closer to the line
Between dream and reality

Don’t keep me waiting
I have been wanting nothing
But to hold you in my arms again

I could never get enough
I could never get over
I could never go on
From those nights we shared as one

Always remember
When your lips touched mine
While our hands were intertwined
How you gazed into my eyes
How you let me call you mine

Those nights we shared
I will always treasure
Though they’re now so long ago
Left in the distant past
But as if they were yesterday
I will always remember

When one day you decide to come back
I will be waiting
Ready to take you
With open arms

When all these have gone
When the clouds come closing in
And you’ve nowhere to run
I’ll be your shelter from this rain


You have come to me
So swiftly
Held me
Eluded me
Like the soul that you are
Come back to me

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