Recently we have been apart, Mike and I, and I meant that literally. No, we have not been drifting apart but these days he’s caught up with a lot of work that we rarely see each other.
Last Saturday was the first time we have actually sat down, hugged, kissed and talked after nearly a month, but that didn’t last long. Before the night ended he’s got his bags packed and he was gone before sunrise.

But though you stood by the door
You looked at me
You were hesitating to go
But go you must
For your days are planned
And I am here
I’ll sit right here
In the same spot where you left me
And I will wait
For a million sunrise
For a million dawns
I’ll wait for your return

Distance is nothing when you love a person, and it’s hard, really hard… made me realize that I’m not as strong as I thought I always am but though it’s hard, it’s teaching me to become stronger, to become more patient, understanding, faithful, God-fearing and even more loving…

I may crave for him, for not only the taste of his mouth but also for his mind and soul and he may feel the same for me, but we must wait, and we must and we shall endure this distance between us and instead of allowing it to make us drift afar, we must fight the coldness and instead allow the distance to draw us nearer to each other.

This distance is just a fraction of space compared to the great God who has brought us together despite of all the odds, despite of all our differences, despite where we literally were before we met. This distance is nothing compared to the great God that has put us into this test, preparing us for the worse, making us stronger…making OUR LOVE stronger.

“I didn’t want to kiss you goodbye, that was the trouble, I wanted to kiss you goodnight.” -Ernest Hemingway

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