The End.

NOTA BENE: I don’t exactly know what to call this kind of story but I hope you’d still enjoy it. This is from a man’s point of view, the response to this (woman’s POV) will be posted soon, I’m working on it. LOL


No one could tell the story of how it had ended, not even I, who had been still so deeply in love with you at the time, know what changed your mind.

As far as I know we had an understanding that whatever we were we’d still be together, even if the universe do not want us to we would still hold each other’s hand and fight for whatever kind of love that we had. But like a child in a haze in class, all I heard was the bell signaling for the end of the day, clueless of what had previously happened before it had ended. Unprepared of what reality has to offer.

I’m not the kind who gives a lecture or vomit thoughts on love as if everything revolves around it, no. You were a believer of true love and I–well, I was just fascinated by the thought of it. You believe in love though you try so hard to conceal it, you made me believe that true love exists without you knowing it thus turning me back into its salvation. And with you, for a moment in time, I have seen and been into paradise and I like how it feels like, how it tasted like.

Now I sit here, recalling the last time I held your hand, the last time I kissed your lips and the last time we made sweet love… It was a Saturday and we walked around town hand in hand with smiles on our faces. I remember how the cold October wind lightly blew your hair as you pull it out of a tight bun, I remember how your hair smells and how you make those cute little gestures that you’re not aware of especially when you’re sleepy.

Right then and there I knew I wanted to keep you for good, especially when you allowed me to bask in your thoughts of me and of us. I must admit that I have finally thought of settling down and I want to settle down with you. For the first time in my life I wanted to do things right with a woman, I was ready to let the other go as you have left your previous lover the morning after we made love for the first time.

You were magnificent in my eyes. I adored you and that is something I do not do.

I remember the sound of your laugh, the look of genuine joy on your face whenever you laugh and how sadness and tears could turn you into someone different. You would not sob, the tears would just fall and your beautiful eyes that once gleamed in joy will be suddenly filled with pain. Such look of yours made me want to just wrap my arms around you, soothe you and kiss you. I have seen you in your best days and I have seen you in your worse, yet I still feel the same, even stronger if I must say.

I love you, I love every bit of you and everything about you. I wish I could tell you that right now but it’s too late, I’m too late. Now I wonder if I had told you earlier, would it still be me holding those hands and would I be the one whom you would wait to come home every day?

I chuckled as these could have been’s crossed my mind. For you, like my music, came into my life and touched my heart in such way that nothing else in this world could ever do or make me feel. All is fair in love even the agony it brings, but that is something you chose not to believe and understand.

As I sit here, I look at you from a distance and I remember that this is exactly how it was when I saw you for the first time and I find it ironically funny and painful at the same time that you left me the exact way you came into my life.

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