These are the Days…

There are just times that I feel I am a big disappointment, a burden and a good for nothing child… But regardless of all these feelings, I know that there is a loving God who could care less about the things that I am not for He is not judgmental nor does He think that I am a burden. 

He looks past through all my flaws like I am perfect because He is perfect and there is nothing in this world that He did not make beautiful and that He does not love. 
And I am just thankful that in spite of all these negativity there is someone or something that I could hold on to and rely on. 
I am still blessed.
These are days that I want to cry
But I must hold back all the tears
These are days that all I need is a hug
But that I must learn how to live without
These are times when I am judged for all the things that I am not
Though I am fed up of all the people telling me of what I am not 
I must swallow my pride and remain humble
Hate is what I must banish from my heart
Aid myself with a prayer instead
These are the days that I feel so weak
These are the days that I must learn how to keep
Keep things to myself and reflect
Of all the things that I am not
For perfect I am not
I know out there 
Despite of all these pain
Despite of all these judgement
Despite of the spiteful eyes on me
There is someone who loves me
These are the days that I must keep
My mind, my heart and my soul intact
There is a God who loves me even if no mortal soul does.

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