It has been quite a long time since I woke up beside you again. 

For a long time, I have been fond of sleeping alone, hugging no one but my body pillow, hence making me sleep longer and stay in bed longer than I used to do.

But today, I woke up earlier than the usual and why? I asked myself. Well, it’s because God woke me up to let me know that the sun is rising and you’re beside me. Truly, it is the best way to wake up… seeing you looking so calm and relaxed, hearing your soft snore and your hand on my waist.

I have longed for this, and I have prayed hard for this to happen again and as usual, God heard my cries, my plea’s and felt my sorrow for longing for you and so he woke me up early to see the sunrise today. To see you. To feel and touch your face, pinch your nose and to kiss you good morning.

And though you have gone away again to work somewhere far away, still I will not forget how wonderful this day has been. What we did today is pretty ordinary, we just stayed in bed, took short naps, cuddled, laughed and played random games on our smart phones together and talked about the most random things.

But this simpleness, I would not trade it for any earthly treasure, for this simpleness is worth more than anything in this world, because this simpleness is grace; a beautiful, magnificent blessing of having you.

People used to say that love is a matter of give and take, but tonight, I realized that loving should not be so for God has taught us that to love is to give and to give everything, purely, sincerely, wholeheartedly as He has given us generous blessings for each passing day, as He has given His only son to save us from our sins.

And so, I shall take it from Him from now on. I will love you, now and for always, unconditionally without expecting anything in return for I love you and I love you truly and I will do my best to give you the love, care and understanding that you deserve.

I used to anticipate for sunsets, just because it looks beautiful and romantic, but now I look forward to every sunrise, for it signifies strong hope of being another day closer to seeing you again.


I just feel like ending this with a good song that reminds me of how much this day has done to me, of how much good you have done me since you came into my life and of how much I feel blessed for having been given the gift of you… I knew this song for a very long time but never fully felt and grasp its meaning until you came… Je t’aime.

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