Train of Thoughts on a Scorching Summer Afternoon

I don’t know why
I don’t know where I stand
For all I know
I’ve gone quite mad

But how and why
I keep asking myself
Do I suddenly get
Hints of sadness
Making me
Swirl down into
The pits of slow depression

I wanted you
I prayed to have you
I have been given
The wonderful gift of you
Of loving you
And you
As you always say
Love me back
And I believe you

But why
I keep asking myself
Do I suddenly get
In streams of nostalgia
Of what was then
And all the could have been’s

You’ll depart
To a place too far away
I’ll let the oceans tell the distance
And though now we still are
I know that you’re just within reach
Only cities apart but still
I feel breached
And fate
Oh fate
Sometimes it can be so cruel
We never got to do
The things we said we’d do

How do I keep myself strong?
How do I keep myself from falling?
How do I keep myself from craving?
From the loneliness
You are already bringing

Will you still love me?

Will you still want me?

Will you

still need me?

When you have gone away
And finally leave me
Will you even miss me?

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