To My Sunrise…

To some, you may be a sunset…

Romantic and beautiful
Yet as such
You are expected to bring
Nothing but the night
And though the moon is bright
You are no more 
In sight

The thought of this
Brings too much pain
That no words
Can explain

I find it
That such work of art
As you
Could be easily left
Easily hurt
Easily be forgotten 
By few

Remember though

Until no one
I beg of you
Finds you as their sunrise
As I do 
Then love
I tell you
No one 
Can love you
As true
And pure
As I can always do 

And though I understand your purpose, still I cannot shake off the fact that you are missing from me… I miss how we used to be, and though I know that to live is to move forward, some part of me wishes that we can still continue what is left of us.

The feeling and the care is still there, I know it, I can feel it and somehow it has gotten stronger and I think that’s what made this situation more unbearable. But as I said, I understand I just hope you’d realize that there’s still time to share, much more time to share the love we have for each other.

Know that wherever the wind takes you, if you decide to finally come home, I’ll be at the door holding my arms wide to welcome you back. I love you and though those words will never be enough, know that I mean them and they mean so much more than they seem.

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