Sudden Wanderlust

Decided to leave the house today though I know I’ve really nowhere to go. I have very little cash in my pockets but I’m leaving home for today, anyway. I just can’t stay in the house, it’s unbearable… The four walls of my bedroom can seem to swallow me whole, everywhere I look I see fragments of countless memories made in that house. 

In the living room, when I look at the couch, I see us sleeping in each other’s arms.

When I look at the dining area, I see you with my Beatles mug daintily eating the breakfast you’re not used to eat because you’re not a breakfast person but you’re eating it anyway because I asked you to.

Then the bathroom outside the master’s bedroom… I see you singing a random song before closing the door shut. Then I looked again and saw you went out with a towel draped on a shoulder, smiling at me as if we have not seen each other for days instead of ten minutes…

In the kitchen I saw us that night when we drank too much I got drunk and we shared a deep passionate kiss in the middle of that little room… I see you whispering in my ear, promising me you’ll be coming home to me soon and assuring me that we are going to make it work no matter what… Hell, I can’t even  look outside the veranda without seeing you with my old guitar, green bottles of Soju and your lighted cigar.

When I went up back to my bedroom I saw you sleeping on the bed, looking so serene and beautiful… Suddenly, I was greeted by the early morning summer breeze and as if my brain is playing tricks on me this morning, I promptly caught the scent of your Strawberry Tobacco vape out of nowhere too.

I was dead drunk the night before and though I closed my eyes, I barely slept… So I got up early this morning, eyes fixed on the ceiling, trying to recall my dream that was about you… But as you are right now, that dream and your face in there becomes distant by the minute.
So I got up and tried to pull myself together, I decided to leave the house, though I know I’ve really nowhere to go. I just need to get away for a while, away from this mountain top, I just don’t want to see or be in any place we’ve made a precious memory in giving me the sudden urge to play wanderlust for a day. 

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