The other night, the sky smiled with me with all the stars shining bright as I remember all the good times we had.

Tonight though, as if the universe knows my heart, the sky cried with me as I remembered the saddest memory you ever left me.

As I sit here, alone in the room where we used to sleep, I felt the rainy summer night breeze brushed against my skin and I remembered that last night you held me in your arms… that last time we made love and that last sunrise I saw that glowed so bright and seemed to be full of hope as you slept soundly next to me.

I have never felt happy and content in my entire life that night… that day.

Then, somehow, you changed your mind and you suddenly want to walk this life alone.

I will never understand, Mike… but I will always support it… I will always support your decisions.

Because not only does true love waits, it should always support even if it does not understand; it should always be after the best interest of the other half no matter how painful that is… even if that means the other is no longer coming back.

Yet, despite of all the trouble I am going through right now, my heart remains grounded to no one else but you… I never thought you’d come in my life and I never thought I’d love you this way– I never thought it was possible to love someone beyond all pain and struggle–to love someone unconditionally.

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