Hair Her

The post title might not make any sense to anyone, trust me, I don’t think it makes sense too, but to some people it does–and it’s the parents of the little boy, who was unfortunately named as such.

Ladies and gents, meet my one week old godson… And yes, he is called Hair Her, but whatever has gotten into the heads of my friends (AKA his inconsiderate parents) I do not know exactly. Perhaps, they just find the name really cute and unique (as it already is) but I still think that it’s not right to name an angel such a name.

I officially met Hair (rolls eyes) last Saturday when I went to see his dad after quite a long time. It has been quite a while since we last saw each other, so when he asked where I was and asked me to come over I agreed immediately. We bought rum and Pepsi, even bought him a pack of smoke– I just missed my friend terribly. LOL While we were walking that night, he told me he needed to confess something so I just let him speak. I listened intently and though I was not surprised with some of his confession, I was really surprised to find out that he have a newborn son.

I was ecstatic, really excited–man, I just couldn’t express how happy I felt when he told me about it and when we got to his place, I cannot explain in words the joy I felt especially when I first held Hair in my arms. The name kills it though, I was protesting that they change it, was even blabbering about how terrible they are as parents for naming the little cutie pie as such, but I was relieved when they finally admitted that Hair Her was just a nickname (sighs in relief).

Turns out, our new little ninja’s real name is Yohan Leonidas. Killer name, I know–he’s a ninja spartan–or spartan ninja? Whatevz, all I know is that I have fallen in love with little Hair the moment I saw and held him especially when he smiled at me for the very first time (see photo above).

Things might have not turned out the best for me in the past couple of months, but to be honest, Hair made me forget about all the heartache. I don’t know how, but it’s as if he gave me a new chance, he gave me hope for a better tomorrow.

I’m not saying I have totally forgotten about Mike, little Valerie and all… there’s just something about Hair that tells me that everything will be alright and that to forget about the pain and forgive myself is what I should do… basically, he made me want to start life over in a clean slate.

Je t’aime mon petite garcon… la marraine vous aime. ❤ ❤ ❤

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