Seoul… I hear you calling. #ALittleRespect #Erasure

In a little while you will be boarding that plane bound for Seoul and here I am still in bed moping around at home because there is no chance of seeing you for the next 12 months.

But though I am disappointed that we never got to see each other before you leave for Korea, still I am very thankful for that short phone call we had last night.
I’m going to miss you more than ever though, but as you said last night one year is not as long as it may seem. I know you wanted me to wait, you just don’t want to say it… As usual, you never changed. I know that you still love me, I felt it and though you never told me you told my mom that you do. 
Kenchana sarang… Ajikdo saranghae… 
It’s okay love, I love you still…
Y si vivo cien años, cien años pienso en ti… Te esperaré… 💋💔😢
And if I live a hundred years, then I’ll think of you for a hundred years… I’ll wait.

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