I’ll wait for you…

Te esperaré…
I know I said I’ll get along, and trust me I really am. I am doing better everyday, yet a big part of me is still with him, giving me some idle moments of thinking of nothing but him. This test we’re going through is probably the toughest so far. It tests not only our patience but also our loyalty and unconditional love. 
It’s surprising though, that whenever I heavily think of him, he coincidentally contacts me. Just like what happened earlier… I was feeling so down not only because of the weather but also because it reminds me an awful lot of the times that we shared a mug of warm coffee in weathers like this one.
Then, out of the blue, he called via-Viber and he told me that he’s drunk and barely slept at all as he was thinking of me a lot. He said he misses me and I told him the truth that I miss him so much, too. I cried but tried hard to conceal it but it was really hard to do when we got into Facetime. 
It’s funny how sometimes, just when you think that he’s completely forgotten you, you’d find out (even directly from him) that you’re constantly on his mind and that he misses you. I’m not keeping my hopes up or anything, I’m cool with the idea that we’re no longer together especially now that he’s there. But I cannot also deny the fact that I still love him perhaps more than I ever loved anyone else before.
Mike truly is different, and though I’ve no idea what’s in store for us in the near future, still my vow to wait and see for myself remains. 
Kenchana, ajikdo saranghae… Kidarulkke…

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