All Nighters

June 6 is a Korean national holiday which means no work-day for us teachers, it also means we have a long weekend ahead and we kicked it off with a blast.

My office mates and I had been planning this one for nearly a month and it was a success. What’s great was that it was payday last Thursday. LOL. With me were Brish, Arlien, Liz, Mark, Jaycel and, most unexpectedly, Kevin. We asked Kevin to come with us last Thursday night when he came by the office to pick up his paycheck. We were not really expecting that he’d come with us but he did and we couldn’t be more happier.

We meet up with Kevin a couple of blocks away from our office building, then we did a quick stop at a local resto-bar to get ourselves something to eat and while waiting for our take out meals, Kevin, Mark, Liz and I decided to go to the nearest convenience store to buy snacks and liquor to cut us some extra time. Shortly after, we returned to the resto-bar; we waited for our order for a little while then we went to my house.

They all had dinner first, or midnight snacks, I suppose before we started drinking. It was a really fun night; I got so drunk–dunno why I easily get drunk lately, but I did and well–I sort of “forced” Kevin to listen to me. LOL We stayed up all night until most of the gang went upstairs to bed at around 6am. It was only Liz, Arlien and I who were awake until about 7am. 
We chatted for some time then decided to clean up and unfortunately, I broke a liquor bottle and injured a toe. It bled a lot and we were having a hard time stopping it from bleeding, but Liz and I were able to really get to know each other more that time. 
When the bleeding finally halted, the three of us went to sleep and at around 9 something I heard voices and realized that Jaycel and Kevin were already awake and eating breakfast with my parents. I decided to get up from bed too, and joined them in the breakfast table. I wasn’t really hungry but felt the need to assist and eat with my guests. LOL 
Soon after, every one was awake and were eating breakfast. We all chatted about random things as they ate; later that morning we all decided to just squeeze in the spare room downstairs to hang out. It was really fun, we were telling each other random tales from work and our lives; it was great getting to know my workmates better and beyond the workplace too. 
It went on for hours as we all take turns to use the bathroom to take a shower. I honestly cannot simply express in words how happy I felt that day, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before and more. It was truly a pleasure to work (and to have worked with, in Kevin’s case *insert sad face here*) with them. 
From L – R : Mark, Liz, me, Arlien, Brish, Kevin and Jaycel 

Of course we took a last group shot before they left. I really wish we’d do it again as it’s the best all nighters party I ever been in. I love my workmates! ^_^

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