Independence Day 2014

Where do I begin? 

The old Andy Williams love song goes, and so was my query.

I could not clearly recall how it all began, all I know was that one moment, he was the uncanny senior with the incredibly sexy voice who also happens to be my leader. The next thing I know, I was drunk in the wee hours of a Friday morning not too long ago, telling him stories of my distant past. I have never planned to, nor did I expect myself to do it, but that night, as we spoke (or as I prattled, rather) I suddenly cupped his face in my hands and lightly kissed his lips.

I remembered being drunk, but that unintentional kiss brought me back to sobriety in an instant. The look of surprise was etched on his face, but his eyes were twinkling, perhaps in both delight and surprise. Later that day, before he left we shared one last lingering look, no need for words for then and there I knew that I have learned to like him.

Came Independence day, we went out to have lunch with his best friend at a local Persian restaurant. Before that, we have gained mutual understanding already, though the awkwardness was still quite strong. I gave him a book that day, Mario Puzo’s The Godfather; I wanted to share with him not only my favorite story of all time but also the world and era I secretly want to live in (for no particular reason, I just want to.) and I am glad he was genuinely happy about receiving the small present I got him.

During lunch that day, I got to know him a little better. I was starting to realize that no matter how opposite we appear to be in terms of personality, we have quite a lot to share after all. As we engaged ourselves into random conversations that day, we also started holding each other’s hand and as cliche as this may sound, holding his hand in mine felt so right.

That day I was in bliss that I barely even remembered how the rest of it went. All I know now was that he walked me to work and I kissed him right outside the elevators, in front of his best friend, without any hesitation. Blatant, yes, I felt so too but it was an uncontrollable impulse, believe me. We said our goodbye’s after that, and I remember his best friend asking him if he’s not going to go in the office with me (by this point, he’s already resigned) we were not really sure if we wanted people in the workplace to know about whatever we had just yet and so we decided that he should not.

But not long after that, he came back just when I thought that he has gone home.

I could barely contain my excitement. We shared thoughts that day, things that he have not discussed with me before and I was surprised to know some things but nonetheless, took the risk.

Independence day, 2014. 

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