I am an Artist

We’re all artists.

It doesn’t matter what you do, what your craft is. 

Whether you’re good or bad in it, no one should be able to tell you that but yourself. Nor should you allow anyone, even yourself, to tell you that you’re no good. 

For we are all blessed with a talent, by the Greatest Artist of all, and no one can do our work better than we can.

Whether you paint, cook, bake, dance, sing, teach, calculate someone’s income tax, sculpt, build and design all sort of things, capture memories in photographs or in words; you are an artist and no one can tell you otherwise.

Whatever it is that you love to do in this life is art; a legacy you will pass on to those you will leave in this lifetime. A series of milestones in your own history.

Our art is whatever it is that makes us happy and passionate about living.

Art. It is not a way of life, but a reflection of who we truly are.

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