Rain and Snow

Autumn have just ended on your part of the globe bringing forth November and winter. But as the first snow flake falls on your palm, remember that from where I am, it has been raining since March.
As you walk on white sheets and play on ice, savoring every minute of beauty, remember the tragic story of how I tried with all that I can to weather the storm you left.
When you look out the window, watching white fragile flakes fall from the sky as you sit beside the fire, may it remind you of how long I stood outside in the heavy rain waiting for you to come back.
On the day when you celebrate the wonder and glory of winter, may you remember the look on my face as I let each rain fall pelt down my body, soaking me to my bones.
When winter has finally taken its toll on you, may you be reminded of what it was like to dance in the rain with me, of how wonderful it is to be standing where I stand still.
Winter will be over, too just like the season it has replaced but the rain will not stop…
Not until you tell it to.

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