Where in the World…?

It’s January and where are we? We seemed to have gone back to where we started. Video calls and text messages… Though the only difference

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My decision to have my tattoo this evening was made out of the blue. Though I’ve planned to do it for nearly two years, I

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This year my goals are pretty simple. I just want to learn how to apply makeup well, continue running (and run several fun runs), eat

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Same Sky

Same sky But different time zones Chugging down a bottle of wine  Sitting next to my former lover I stared up at the night sky

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Mimi San Juan
Mimi is a freelance writer and social media manager traveling the northern part of the Philippines with her husband and two kids under two. When she's not writing, Mimi enjoys reading Haruki Murakami and Anne Rice, crafting the BEST iced coffee, and watching Gerard Depardieu and Jeff Goldblum's entire film repertoire on repeat.

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