Where in the World…?

It’s January and where are we? We seemed to have gone back to where we started. Video calls and text messages… Though the only difference is, this time there’s no us. No kissing emoticons, no sweet texts and no ‘I love you’s’.

You were right after all when you said that things will be different a year from then. But I guess apart from the part that we’ve broken up that time and the fact that you’re now in Seoul, is that I’ve come to love you more. 
Though, this time I’ve learned to love myself better and realized my worth as a person. How ironic life is, eh? I know my worth but somehow, I’m still in love with the same man who broke my heart last April.
I was expecting then that by this point in time I’ll be dating someone better. Someone whom I thought would replace you… Yet here I am, writing this entry a few minutes after you hang up on Facetime.
You let me watch you play live again and just as your last set ended, you lingered in the frame long enough for me to hear Eric Benet’s Last Time playing in the background… 
I wanted to cry but thank God you told me you were gonna hang up…
Why are we here, Mike? At this point, shouldn’t we be ignoring each other like ex’s usually do? Why do we find ourselves singing the same part of the same old songs we know in unison? 
I know that to expect more from this could lead me to an even harder heartbreak… But it’s worth a try, that’s for a certain…

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