Baby Fair 2015 @ Mega Trade Hall

IMG_9478I decided to have my brows groomed this morning so I got up and prepped up early. I was about to leave for the terminal when my good friend, Ge asked to meet me at the terminal. We then agreed to go to Megamall together since we’re heading the same way.

Once we got there, we went up to the fifth level where we noticed that there was an event at the Mega Trade Hall. It was a baby fair and I was enthralled to see all the cute stuff on display.

But I headed for Brow Lounge first to have my brows groomed while Ge went inside the Mega Trade Hall to look around. Once I was done, I went in the baby fair with him and though I’ve really nothing to buy baby stuff for, I enjoyed looking at all the fascinating things in each booth.

 IMG_9487 IMG_9486

IMG_9483We literally just roamed around for sometime before we decided to have lunch. We went out of the fair hall and went to Tokyo Tokyo to eat lunch, just because I was craving for Japanese food.

I always like hanging out with Ge. He’s one of the few best and truest people I know. I was just a bit sad that Jaycee wasn’t able to join us on this particular bonding since she has work to do.

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