Visiting Jaycee at Work

IMG_0065Last Friday was payday so I decided to visit my best friends Jaycee and Gerald at McKinley Hills. I don’t often do this but since I really missed them, I decided to visit Jaycee on her workplace where she’s working her 4pm-2am shift.

I knew she was tired and was having some trouble with work so I decided to bring her some Pepero and basically just be there for her. We waited for her until about three in the morning and we headed to our house in Antipolo to get some stuff before we went to Ge’s place and drank till 6:30am.

We were all clearly tired and sleepy but though the rest of the night was practically a blur, one thing’s for sure and that’s I had so much fun bonding with my two best buddies.

I woke up at about 10:30am, showered and sat with Jaycee for a bit while Ge slept soundly in the bedroom. I may lacked sleep but I’m really happy to have bonded with them. The time we spend together is really priceless.

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