3am Musing

Love knows no boundaries. It knows no time, age, distance and difference… Love transcends as long as it’s true, even if it’s unrequited.

Some random thought that crossed my mind after having a drink with Jaycee at Ge’s place. And why have I thought of it? I’ve no exact idea… All I know that it’s for him whom I chose to wait… Crazy as it may seem, I think of him in the most random place and in the most random hour. Whether I’m half asleep or completely awake, he has his way of swirling into my thoughts without any trigger.

I wish I could just shake off these thoughts of him for good. Not because I no longer love him and not because I no longer want to wait. It’s just that I want to do myself a favor and try to push him at the back of my mind to make way for better things.

But as I’ve said, love knows not all these things. Instead, it surpasses them whether you like to or not. As vague as the noun is, it is also something that is beyond our control.

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