Godmom and Best Friend Duties

IMG_0045This weekend and the start of my week was a total whirlwind in some ways. For one, I had to rush to SM Magnolia (from Antipolo) to see my childhood friend and give her some ’emergency godmommy kit’. It was honestly unplanned so I literally rushed to Gilmore station on a lazy hour. The trip, though unusually long due to traffic, was really worth it. I mean, just look at the picture on the left. Freakin’ adorable!

IMG_0048And since it wasn’t planned at all, I had to bid them goodbye but first, we roamed around a bit and grabbed a bite of a yummy pizza cone being sold by HRM students from St. Paul. It was good! The wrap wasn’t too moist nor was it too hard as a chip; it was full of cheese though and had less mushrooms and pepperoni. Nonetheless, it was still a treat and we enjoyed it while drinking a large serving of Apple and Orange juice mix. Yummy!

Later that evening, I met up with my bestie, Jaycee at SM Taytay where we had dinner at Tokyo Tokyo and had a drink in my room back home soon after. We did nothing special but spending quality time with her (e.g. watching funny videos while pigging out and drinking vodka) is just as good as going on adventures with her and our other bestie, Ge whom, by the way, dropped by at around 3am and brought us food and a movie entitled “PK”. It was an Indian film which stars Aamir Khan. As expected it was funny yet full of life lessons. Ergo, it was worth watching till 5am. Haha! Ge still went home as soon as the movie’s over, leaving Jaycee and I to sleep.

IMG_0044 IMG_0043 IMG_0042 IMG_0053




IMG_0056Later that morning, Jaycee and I decided to grab lunch at Savory in Victory Park Mall before I head to work. We tried calling Ge, hoping that he could join us for a bite but apparently he’s still asleep so what we did next was kinda ‘nice’ for our kind. Haha! We decided to take out his portion of the meal and delivered it ourselves only to be left waiting for a long time outside his apartment. It took him so long to open the door that we changed the sweet message we wrote on his takeout bag. Refer to the pic below. HAHA!



Sorry for the language. But yeah. We’re still his best girl friends!


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