This week has been a big leap for us. Nearly one year after we broke up, we started talking more often about the most random things…

You added me in a group chat with your best friend and we all started talking like we used to when we were just starting out.

I honestly like and love the fact that aside from the group chat, we started talking more; you update me about what you do, what you think, and every now and then you’d ask me to kiss you (or rather send a kissing sticker or emoticon), and all those stuff (even the dirty jokes) that we used to do and share when we were still together. Even make me watch your gigs through Tango and you monitor me practically all the time.

I liked it. I loved it all.

However, somehow I feel bad for myself. It confuses me, this situation. I don’t know whether it’s something that will blow away soon or the beginning of our second chance at love. I’d really like to believe in the latter as it is what I really need; I need you and I still love you…

Maybe my mother is right all along. Maybe you’ll come back, real soon and just like the song that you asked me to listen to “randomly” today. I hope that soon is the start of our ‘forevermore’ and that this time, we’ll thrive harder to make it for this time I’d do everything that I can to love you better.

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