Moonlace Salon

moonlacedraftI’ve been trying my best to keep my mouth shut about this for weeks but since it opened today, I guess there’s no point in hiding. Yes, my mom and I just opened a new business and this time, it’s a salon and barber shop.

It was entirely my mom’s idea to open this salon. I just helped with the logo and soon, I will help in managing it for I have formally and officially resigned from my teaching job.

This decision hasn’t been the easiest, for one I love my students so much, however, I feel the need to start giving back in other ways to my mom. I know that one of the reasons why I went back to teaching nearly a year ago was to help my family financially but I guess I’ve done my part and now it’s time for me to help them in another way. This is the best way I know how.


I haven’t got the slightest clue on how to run a salon but I know that just like our restaurant, I will learn to manage this one in time as well. It’s both exciting and frightening for I’m taking a chance on something I haven’t had a full grasp on. But as I have always been, I shall charge into the unknown.


I guess you can say that I am very lucky to have a mother like mine; to be honest, I’m doing this all for her for I know that it will make her feel comfortable. She’s really quite not into the idea that I’m working for someone else, so this step I’m taking is really making her happy.

Everybody, wish me luck! 😀

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