I’m done trying to get you. I can’t do it anymore. I’m sorry it’s taking me this long to figure it out, but I promise,

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So I’ve decided to treat myself a little today. My mom took me to the mall where she met with her best friend and they

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Self Infliction

 At the verge of insanity, I stared at the bottles on my table top.  Thinking of popping more than I should…  Washing it down

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 There’s a searing pain somewhere inside that I could not locate, And as soon as the pain kicked in, Demons have invaded my head.

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One More Try

These days you’d often talk about how you loved me truthfully and faithfully when we were together and though I know you were telling the

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March International Giveaway

I’m glad to announce that I enlisted this blog on a giveaway for the first time. ^_^ In celebration of Lhyzie’s The Rainbow Star (

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Mimi San Juan
Mimi is a freelance writer and social media manager traveling the northern part of the Philippines with her husband and two kids under two. When she's not writing, Mimi enjoys reading Haruki Murakami and Anne Rice, crafting the BEST iced coffee, and watching Gerard Depardieu and Jeff Goldblum's entire film repertoire on repeat.

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