What love has done to me…

What exactly does it mean to love?
When love is nothing but pure vagueness
Expressed in a million art form
Claimed to be felt by many
Yet can never be defined,

In all honesty, to this point in time I don’t have the exact words to define it. I, however, can describe what love can do to a person. For one, it has made the impatient wait calmly, turned the weak to someone strong and brave; the intellectual into a fool. All in a snap, it breaks every rule for it knows no nor does it have its own.

As complex as it is, all I know is that it has turned me to someone better and stronger. Love can ruin a person, more than one can expect, more than once or twice, but in so many ways, it can also rebuild a life that is in ruins. I know for a certain what love has done to me; it has not only crushed my heart but also my dreams and hopes but in a snap, as if by magic, it has turned everything practically like the way it used to before.

However, I am partly thankful and partly scared for I don’t know and I fear the day when love would once again take all this happiness away… take you away. Love has made me better and stronger but not as brave as I once was; stronger but only as a person, for you always make me bend.

I love you, I love every bit of you.

Even when you left me, practically forgotten me for ages, I still love you. I can never seem to hold a grudge against you, for though love has made a fool out of me, ironically, it has made me wiser. Now I know why you left and I am forever grateful that you did for if you didn’t we’d be in greater ruins. I am forever indebted to you for giving me a chance to find myself and find out what I really want to do.

All the time that we’ve been apart seemed to have been the time, set by fate, for me to become the person who I have to be to understand and love you better shall you come back again; I hope that love and fate has transformed you the same way.

May it have made you stronger, wiser and may it made you love yourself better.

I love you. I love you still. Purely. Truly. Unconditionally.

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