Conversation in the dark…

I was staring blankly at the pitch dark on what’s supposed to be the ceiling of his bedroom when I felt him turn his head to my side and said, “You love him.”

It wasn’t a question that needed an answer and clarification but a plain statement of a fact that he seemed to have pondered on for a long time.

Honestly, I was surprised.

I never knew him as someone who blurt out things like that, but this past year was full of surprises from him so what was to be less expected anyway?

For a moment, I felt my world froze for a solid few seconds trying to absorb his statement before I answered him with a ‘yes’.

“And he loves you.” He added and I looked at him in the dark. Though I couldn’t see him, I tried to catch his eye for I, myself, wasn’t sure of the answer to that. So I just went on with, “I guess.” And he chuckled.

He told me how naïve I was still but whether or not I am, it’s the least of my concern.

For after all these months he, whom we were talking about, has sent me nothing but mixed signals and though he clearly told me that he loves me, I could not seem to get myself to believe him. At least, not anymore.

I snuggled next to him in the dark with the thoughts of he, who’s far away, played inside my head.

For a moment I looked around and thought that I wanted my head to be as dark and empty as that room seemed to be so I closed my eyes and just thanked the Lord that I have a friend who’s holding me close at that time and day. For a while, all my troubles seemed to have blown away.

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