I honestly had no idea how I fell asleep the night before but I was sure Ge and I were listening to random Disney songs till we gradually fell into a deep slumber. LOL. But I got up at around 9am after being awakened by the smell of breakfast courtesy of Ge’s baby sister, Tricia. Haven’t had that kind of breakfast in ages and it was really satisfying.

Soon after breakfast, we visited their neighbor to whom they introduced me to. We stayed there for sometime just chatting randomly and somehow managed to talk about future adventure trips together. Not long after that it started raining really hard and when the heavy rain turned into a light drizzle we headed back to their house where Tricia and I spontaneously took off our shirts and jumped in their pool while the rain continued.

After showering, we had lunch and had some idle time; watched the Mayweather-Pacman fight. Then Ge and I harvested mangoes and santol in their front yard and on their roof, haha. I have never tried picking the fruit that I’d eat so that’s new for me. We picked lots of fruits as they cleaned their lawn and roofs of dried leaves. Then we all sat down and had a very delicious snack of Banana con Yelo… well, Ge had a different preference so he had Mais con Yelo.

We all indulged into a random conversation which eventually ended at around 4:30pm when Tricia and I decided to go home; I, to Antipolo, and Tricia, to her apartment in Cainta.

The drive home was fun, as always. There is never a dull moment when I’m with her. She has proven to be one of my very few good friends; I honestly don’t feel the same bond, fun and excitement with anyone else than with her and her family. They were more than my friends, they are like my second family.

So, that’s how my Sunday went. It was a fun-filled weekend. <3

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