I crave this sight everyday, for over a year, yet I know how slim the chances get everyday of it ever happening again. 

It’s hard to tell why I miss you. I mean, what have we really done together? We’ve had our fair share of fun and adventure but it was nothing compared to what I’ve had before I had you, nor was it anything you’ve done before you had me. Clearly, you’ve had far more better time with the others than when you were with me. I knew that, but I also know how they never treated you like I had treated you; no one actually cared for you as much as I did. But I guess that was the problem, I took care of you to the point of spoiling you. I should have been more firm, I shouldn’t have given you an out.

But what’s done is done. I could no longer do anything about it. 

I guess, I get it. 

No matter how I try to deny it, you will always be the one that got away. Even if the reasons aren’t that clear as to why you were, except maybe for one thing and that is I loved you more and purely than I have ever loved anyone. 

Alas, now it’s quite clear. I never stopped loving you after all. 

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    The Ed.

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