This is how I live, how I love…

Watercolor by Francois Henri Galland
Watercolor by Francois Henri Galland

Everyone I know has their own share of opinion on how I am as a person and how I am when it comes to loving, be it a simple friendship or a romantic relationship.

Most people I know sees me as someone stupid enough to keep on giving, making an effort and showing kindness and love to those who they think doesn’t even deserve even my slightest attention. I’ve been told many times that I can’t give what I don’t have so I must love myself first.

What most people don’t know is that I do love myself, but I was told how stupid and naive I can be sometimes, but they don’t understand that it’s my way of ¬†sharing what I have.

I give and never expect anything in return because it simply gives me joy to see the look on the face of people I can get to help out, I can get to love. No one would ever understand my point of view, people may yell at me all the time for doing things that is too unusually kind for them, people might even take advantage of me but that is just how ¬†life is. It would hurt me more and make me feel more stupid if I had known I could do something but didn’t do anything at all. I’d rather do things and give what I can to people and wake up every morning knowing that I have done something…

This is just who and how I am. And that is how I wish others would see it. Give what you can, but leave some for yourself; take chances and walk out without regrets. That is how to live, that is how to love. Forget the chances of losing. Remember what you have gained instead, for all those who give and love with all their heart would gain more than they have given. All is fair in love.
This is how I live, this is how I love. This is simply me. xx

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