Painting by Zhang Haiying
Painting by Zhang Haiying

The song goes, “If you don’t treat her right, my friend, you’re gonna find her gone…”
But unlike the line from that Beatles song, I will stay.
You will lose me but not because some man has stolen my heart as you have stolen mine.


For no man can steal my heart and breath like you do.
Your complexities probably made me hang on tighter to you.
But your insensitivity is what will make you lose me.
You will lose me not in the way any writer could pen.


You will lose me as I drown in a pool of love and emotions I have drawn for you.
It overflows and though I was born a swimmer, I have become immobile in this waters.
I used to be a fighter until you have caught me off guard and charmed me.
Somehow I wonder, have you done this to so many?

“No. Is that what you think of me?”

That is what you’d say.
But some part of me wishes to believe differently.
Probably because I’m done with lies and deceit, that I no longer know if your heart is honest.
I’m left to wonder if it is all just a fib.


Then why would you keep me here?
Locked in vain, drawn on you and probably,
In love with you, irretrievably.
Why keep me around if you have no intention of loving me?
Would you even come to love me?


Well this is how you would lose me.
I would continue to love you but will drown in a pool filled with love and melancholy.
Floating in the waters of sorrow, waiting for you to come and save me.
This is how you would lose me.
Broken, scattered in pieces, yet you still choose to keep me and for what?
Am I just something good for your ego?
Am I here until you have found someone whom you will love?
Am I just a back up lover that you can lean on, depend on?


Still, I don’t understand.
The song continues to play, and the boys continue to sing.
The song goes, “If you don’t treat her right, my friend, you’re gonna find her gone…”
Indeed, you will find me gone but not in the way any writer could ever pen.
You will lose me inside of you, I will lose myself there and might never see the light,
Until you are through with me.
Until you have chosen another, whilst you kept me as an option.

This is how you will lose me.

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