Photo by Andy Bell.

I miss good morning kisses and ‘I love you so much’ good nights.

I miss laughing about a random joke at 3 o’clock in the morning.

I miss being held from night till morning in the arms of a man who loves me.

I miss waking up early to brew coffee or cooking instant noodles in the middle of the night to cure hangovers.

I miss driving around the city as I sing along to some random love song with a man who looks at me as if I am the best thing he has ever heard.

I miss being kissed and being pulled into a tight hug when I’m upset.

I miss being surprised. I missed the apple pies and coffee float and fries.

I miss the cold starry nights when I could just walk hand in hand with the one I love as we watch the stars up above.

But some things are not made to happen twice. No night can ever be duplicated or a day could ever be lived again.

Sometimes all these things are replaced with melancholy and solitude.

But if you have loved enough, been hurt so much, have been alone for so long and have  learned too much… sometimes the solitude and melancholy wouldn’t feel as bad as they may seem.

Sometimes loneliness and emptiness could just be as good as the joy of having a temporary company. Only that, it’s permanent.

But if these are the only constant things in your life then you must learn to love and live them.

Only in solitude will one find the true meaning of happiness if they loved it, too.

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